Friday, October 28, 2016

TE Ika A Maui

Maui and Island

Maui has 2 sister and 3 brother  one dark night Maui brothers and sister were planning on going fishing to get there vilage some kai to eat.
Maui overheard and decided to go with them so he jump into the boat and life in there overnight.

Then his brother and sisters hop into the boat and sailed out to sea.Then maui jump out of his hiding spot one of his sister scream and jumped out of the boat and hit something onder
the bout. Maui jump into the sea and went down to to the ground and sat on something hard “awch”that heret Maui swim back up to the top and said there is something down the help me pull it up.

Maui started to cry “ Sorry Maui but the us do it for once”

Maui did not want to do that he was not going to put up a fight for it he love his brothers and sister.
His brother and sister went down and elisa one of the sister
  Got her foot stuck in something and the brothers and sister
Yelling  and screaming for maui help but he said you did not want my help so no you do it maui put his hock on his head a went sleep.

Meanwhile brothers and sister were trying to get elisa out her face was turning blue but maui did not keer about anything they did but then maui realised that he is who he is they can't tell me what to do so Maui jump into the sea and helped his sister and then went down bought up
 Te ika a Maui      

What I found tricky was? The thing that made it tricky was?
That we had to do a whole story of teika maui

One thing I got better with was? What helped me to get better was?
Putting more specs

Next time I would …
Not chose to do a hole story

I am most proud of …
Writing all of it

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Art


This is my Calendar art and I will  tell you about it.
The blue koru represents my dad because it is his favorite color.
The orange koru represents is my mum because favorite color.
The green koru represents my sister and it is her favorite color.
The purple koru represents me and it is my favorite color.
The yellow represents my cat (POPPY) because I like the color.
It was hard doing my background because is was hard to not go out of the lines with the coloring.
It was easy doing the background and drawing everything. My favorite thing was the koru because they are so cool and I love that I did them so well. This is my calendar art 2016

Friday, July 8, 2016


self work
One way my learning is similar to something I have done before is
Last year I did this exped I had to do my art and write about it
What I struggled with was
Get to work with my buddie
What I could improve is
My contribute to the team
How I could improve this is
Working with other people then paige bridie and jada and looking at books for


Thursday, June 30, 2016



My writing and I did it with bridie 

We scanned and we sor some for the picture
And it was easy to read it but the book at the front gave as in idari what we were reading and looking at them was fun and we look at the contacts and we cost the book

During reading
We had lines each and it was easy to read but it was interesting to reading and we talk about it and it was a good book  

After reading